SALT LAKE, Utah (ABC4) — Valentine’s Day can be celebrated in many ways– arguably one of the most iconic is red roses. According to a personal finance site, the cost of a bouquet in Utah is barely above average, whereas Idaho makes it in the top ten most expensive.

The study looked at at least three florists in each state and averaged that amount to find results. According to the study, the average price for a dozen roses in the United States is $80.16.– Utah sits right above the average with a bouquet of roses costing $80.32.

Meanwhile, Idaho was among the states where a dozen roses cost the most; there, a bouquet of roses is typically priced at $91.98.

Hawaii was dubbed the most expensive state for roses, with a bouquet costing more than $108 on average—35% more than the national standard. That total is also nearly $15 more expensive than any other state.

The rest of the top five most-expensive states were in the west. Nevada was the state where roses are the second most expensive, at $93.98 per dozen on average. Montana has the third-most expensive, at $92 per dozen, and Idaho was the fourth most expensive at $91.98.

On the flip side, Pennsylvanians have it good—the Keystone State is the most affordable in the nation for the flowers, researchers said. A bouquet there costs just $66.15 on average.

Not far behind is Massachusetts, where roses cost $66.30 per dozen. Alaska, Nebraska, and Oklahoma are the only other states where sending your sweetheart a dozen roses will cost less than $70 on average.

For the full ranking, check out their website.