SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — With summer heat on its way, the Utah Division of Water Resources has released a Low Water Use Guide with recommendations specifically for low-water-use grass varieties.

The division is reportedly ramping up efforts to encourage “wise water use” across the state.

Since its introduction, the traditional guide has helped residents avoid overwatering their lawns and conserve the state’s limited water resources, a release states. In fact, the guide even provides weekly recommendations based on local weather conditions, among other factors.

Now, for those who have planted low-water-use lawns, the new guide will serve as a resource for those looking to limit water usage as well as for those who simply want to maintain the appearance of their lawn during the summer heat.

“Utah will continue to be one of the driest states in the country and water conservation remains critical to our long-term sustainability,” says Shelby Ericksen, the water conservation manager for the Utah Division of Water Resources. “We know that many residents may not be aware of the amount of water they use on their lawns or the long-term impact it can have on our water resources.”

These guides are intended to help by taking multiple factors into account, including temperature, precipitation, wind, and soil moisture.

The division says residents should also consider other water-saving measures too, like fixing leaky faucets, taking advantage of statewide rebates for toilet replacement and smart irrigation controllers, and checking out statewide landscape conversion incentives here.

You may access the Weekly Lawn Watering Guide here.