SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Rumors are that President Biden is considering up to $10,000 in student loan forgiveness, per borrower, as Republicans accuse him of election-year bribes.

“Democrats are going to say, we know everything’s expensive. Inflation is hurting everyone, this is part of the solution. We’re gonna make it easier,” said Jason Perry, director of the Hinckley Institute of Politics.

“Republicans are going to say, that solution is what’s going to kill you. That’s going to increase the number of people struggling because of inflation,” added Perry.

On average, he says, Utahns with student loans carry roughly $31,000 in debt.

“People with student loans have not had to make a payment throughout the entire pandemic,” said Perry.

And so, with midterm elections approaching, many critics of President Biden are accusing him of election-year bribes. U.S. Senator Mitt Romney recently tweeted:

Desperate polls call for desperate measures: Dems consider forgiving trillions in student loans. Other bribe suggestions: Forgive auto loans? Forgive credit card debt? Forgive mortgages? And put a wealth tax on the super-rich to pay for it all. What could possibly go wrong?

Earlier in the week, U.S. Senator Mike Lee tweeted this:

“Forgiving student loans to redistribute wealth to your political supporters is patronage, and it is wrong.”

Perry says this is a campaign promise from President Biden, who will likely be targeting college-educated voters ahead of the midterm elections.

“Democrats are looking at this like a promise kept from a campaign,” said Perry.

“So this is gonna be about getting out the votes and shoring up support.”

University of Utah student Kelsey Brown says she’ll believe it when she sees it.

“It’s just like, a death trap,” said Brown of student loans.

“It’s been a lot of talk and literally nothing has changed,” she added.