SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — As this winter season has given Utahns unusually high levels of snowy weather, the local resorts have seen even more impressive numbers — hitting records in some areas.

For ski enthusiasts around the state, this heavy snow means a perfect opportunity to gear up and hit the slopes.

To get a better picture of what skiers can expect from some local resorts, we’ve gathered data on exactly how much snow they’re seeing and how lush this ski season could be in the months ahead.


Sundance Mountain Resort is nestled in Utah County, with Sundance just a short drive from the city of Provo.

The resorts already had 352″ of snowfall on its slopes, which is the highest they’ve seen this early into the season in the last 15 years. And it’s a big jump from the amounts they typically expect, with last year’s total bringing just 147″ of snow.

It’s still up in the air on exactly how long the ski season will stay active this year, but the resort currently anticipates staying open until early April.


Snowbird Ski Resort is located up Little Cottonwood Canyon in Sandy.

While the resort can typically expect to have roughly 500″ of snow during a healthy winter season, this year has already yielded as much as 536″ with recent storms.

The season is still young at Snowbird but is on a good pace to reach the record-breaking numbers from the 2010-2011 season which saw 783″ of snow.

According to the resort, this winter’s snow totals will be in the top five highest they’ve seen and, if the storms continue, the ski season could carry over well into the spring.


Brighton Ski Resort is located at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon, about a 15-mile drive up the mountain.

As the mountain averages approximately 500″ of snow, this season to date has experienced 589″ of snow and growing.

This snowfall is bringing plenty of opportunities for snow recreation and will be expected to stay open until late into the spring season.


Alta Ski Area can be visited at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon, roughly an 8-mile drive.

As of now, it’s already had 584″ of snow which surpasses its historical winter snowfall average. These totals are significant, and it’s been noted that they’ve seen the snowiest October to February stretch in the 43-year history of the Collins study plot.

For snow sports, it’s still undecided when the resort will officially close for the year, but these record-breaking totals are certainly showing promise.