How long can BBQ food sit out before spoiling?

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If you’re planning on barbecuing to celebrate Independence Day, make sure you’re keeping your food safe.

The Health Department says the heat can make your meal unsafe in a matter of minutes. 

Hamburgers should be cooked to 160 degrees and refrigerated within 1 hour. In these high temps illness-causing bacteria can grow rather quickly.

If you’re eating something that needs to stay cold like potato salad or guacamole, you should keep it on ice. “Keep hot foods hot & cold foods cold”.

According to the USDA most bacteria do not grow rapidly at temperatures below 40 °F or above 140 °F. The temperature range in between is known as the “Danger Zone.” If it’s above 90 degrees bacteria multiply and can reach dangerous levels after one hour.

Good4Utah’s Meteorologist Devon Lucie has your 4th of July forecast:

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