HUNTSVILLE, Utah (ABC4) – As Utah ski resorts kick off summer activities, one thing vacationers may notice is that Utah is no stranger to unique weather phenomena. With heavy rainfall over the weekend, higher elevations such as Snowbasin Resort actually saw snowfall — in the middle of June.

How does summer snowfall affect activities and operations for the resort?

“Luckily, our guests are used to seeing snow on our mountain!” says Snowbasin spokesperson Kayla McFarland. “The truth is that this mid-summer snow doesn’t impact our operations. If anything, we encourage guests to pack and dress accordingly for the weather and are actively communicating about any types of trail closures that might be due to weather conditions.”

Although not surprising for Utahns, with the influx of new residents settling in Utah, those planning to recreate outdoors may be surprised by summer snowfall and expect cancellations. But McFarland says that isn’t the case at all.

With events and activities planned throughout the summer, McFarland says when inclement weather hits, it tends to melt quickly and resort officials make sure to communicate all mountain conditions to visitors.

McFarland says Utahns typically remain determined to enjoy their summer activities, not letting a little frosty weather stand in the way of summer plans.

“We have received snow in past summers,” says McFarland. “However, it hasn’t ever held us back! Our gondola is used to operating in the snow and our guests aren’t deterred by a little extra moisture.”

With Utah’s ongoing drought, park officials are hoping more weather and moisture show up to combat wildfire season while restoring low reservoir water levels.

“We are excited to see the moisture that our valley so desperately needs, and we look forward to the warm weekend ahead as we welcome guests back for another Blues, Brews & BBQ concert, and more summer fun this coming weekend,” says McFarland.