SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – On Thursday, the Biden administration delivered a message to roughly two-thirds of employees across America: you have two months to get vaccinated.

As state leaders condemn the mandates, Utah is also among a group of states suing the Biden administration over the issue.

So what do employees think? Qualtrics, a Utah-based company, is releasing new survey results that detail employees’ perspectives around the mandates.

58 percent of employees support the executive order mandating vaccinations in the workplace, according to Qualtrics.

23 percent of employees say they’ll quit their jobs if required they are required to get vaccinated.

The numbers are part of a national study, but they reflect a contentious issue that will require empathy and listening from employers as the implementation of these requirements plays out in the months to come.

That’s according to Sydney Heimbrock, Chief Industry Advisory for Government at Qualtrics.

“This is a complex and sticky issue,” said Heimbrock.

“It causes conflict within organizations. It really has been a contentious issue. We know that — everybody knows that,” said Heimbrock.

Her best advice for business owners?

“Let’s lead with empathy, let’s learn to listen to each other. Let’s find ways to meet each other’s needs while also complying with requirements,” said Heimbrock.

As for the 23 percent of employees who say they’ll leave if vaccination is a condition for employment?

“It’s going to get harder and harder for people to find a place to work that isn’t required to vaccinate. That’s the point,” said Heimbrock.