How did the U decide to alert its students following a reported sexual assault?

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SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – Reviewing crime statistics for the University of Utah Police showed seven instances of sexual violence in the last six months for which students were not alerted, begging the question: when should universities alert their students and staff to danger? 

The university responded saying: 

There are specific criteria for issuing what is known as a “timely warning” on college campuses. The University of Hawaii website does a good job explaining: “Clery Timely Warning Notices are specifically related to compliance with the federal Clery Act, which requires colleges and universities to notify students and employees whenever there is a threat that a serious crime is ongoing or may be repeated–so that campus community members can protect themselves from harm.” 

The seven instances of sexual violence in the last six months are: 

  • Lewdness on campus – Oct 17th – Reported as Lewdness, investigated but not confirmed
  • Sexual Battery – Dec 24th – Occurred from 2015 – 2018, last occurrence months before a report to police
  • Sexual Battery – Jan 5th – Not an on-going situation, consensual acts at a party involving alcohol
  • Sexual Assault Reported – Jan 10th – Event actually occurred in 1989
  • Lewdness on campus – Jan 24th – Arrest at time of the incident
  • Lewdness on campus – Mar 12th – Occurred 1 year prior to the report
  • Lewdness on campus – Mar 14th – Warrant served for the charge of lewdness, person arrested

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