How cold is too cold for your pet?

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MURRAY, Utah (News4Utah) With the bitter cold of winter finally setting in, the Humane Society of Utah urges owners to take special care of our pets while outside.

Ali Esfahani bundlee up to take “Moki” to Herman Franks Park Wednesday afternoon. 

“It’s a great day for him,” said Esfahani. 

The California native is aware this cold snap could also get to his room mate’s 2-year-old husky. 

“Because I have a husky, I’m not too worried about him being outside. But I definitely won’t keep him outside for too long,” Esfahani said. 

“If you’re cold then your pet can get cold, as well,” Humane Society of Utah spokesperson Deann Shepherd said. 

No pet should be left unattended in below-freezing weather, said Shepherd. Like humans, animals can suffer from frostbite or hypothermia. 

She advises while outside, make sure pets have proper shelter with straw for insulation and door that faces away from the wind. Routinely check the water bowls for any ice and put out extra food.

If an animal is whining, shivering and appears anxious, Shepherd said it’s time to come inside. 

“It’s a good idea to wipe their feet down, wipe off the snow. If they were walking over any sidewalks or asphalt they can get that salt, and licking it can be toxic to them,” Shepherd adds.

For more detailed information on keeping pets safe during cold weather, click here.

In Utah, it is a misdemeanor to not provide proper food, water and shelter for pets. 

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