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How a Utah police detective honors fallen officers

Local News

SALT LAKE CITY (News4Utah) Next month a Unified police detective will travel to Washington, D.C. to pay tribute to a fallen West Valley City Police officer. Detective Chelsea Winslow and officers from Utah are headed to the Police Unity Tour Challenge Ride. It’s a three hundred mile, three-day ride that raises awareness of our fallen officers and raises money for the National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund. She will ride in honor of Officer Cody Brotherson – who was killed when he was hit by teens in a stolen car in 2016. She says “This is something we can do so it kind of channels that feeling of helplessness and grief into something positive to make sure their name is not going to be forgotten.”  

We’ll tell you how you can help the memorial fund in a moment, but first more on Detective Winslow. News 4 Utah’s Don Hudson spent some time with her this week and learned about her desire to be a cop and an example to young women. Here’s our Behind the Badge report. 

We caught up with Detective Chelsea Winslow and other officers as they were going over a plan to find and arrest a criminal suspect. She says police work can be pretty challenging at times. But she adds, “I wouldn’t change it for anything.” The 27-year-old has been in law enforcement for five years. And she says she loves it. “There are very few jobs that you can really change people’s lives and make a difference in the world and it is very rewarding.” “I’ve never had a bad day at work. I have had challenging days at work, but I have never had a day at work that I didn’t feel like I contributed something.” 

One of those days happened a few years ago when she and Officer Kyle Andrew corned a suspect from a drive-by shooting.” “We followed the suspect. Got out of the car. Gave him commands. Get on the ground. Show me your hands. He wasn’t compliant, at all. At that moment you have to make a split second decision.” “I went hands on with the suspect and put him on the ground.”

Detective Winslow has also been knocked to the ground. In fact, a few years ago a car hit her while she was on a bicycle. “I got hit by a car. Got pretty messed. Broke three bones in my face. Knocked unconscious.” She quickly found out how much her fellow officers care when she arrived at the hospital. “Before my family got there, my blue family was there because word spreads like wildfire.” Detective Winslow says while veteran officers are examples to her – she’s also noticed she’s becoming an example to young women. It’s a role she is proud of and a role she takes seriously. “All my trainers were men. I didn’t have a lot of women to look up to. So, I try really hard to be a good example.”  ” If I can be the inspiration for one girl to say, I can see myself in that position. I think It would everything worth it.” “The things you do for yourself in life stay with you and die with you, but the things you do for other people will live on forever.”

This is Detective Winslow’s second time in the Police Unity Bike Tour. She rode the first year to honor Officer Doug Barney. And, as mentioned, this year she will ride for Officer Cody Brotherson. To learn more about The National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund and how you can help out Detective Winslow raise funds to remember officers go to:

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