Homeowners benefit from a better lawn by fertilizing in the fall

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4Utah) – The cooler weather brings our favorite things like football and hunting, but it also means the most important season for your lawn has arrived. With the transition to fall, it doesn’t mean it’s time to lay off the lawn just yet. Fall fertilizer is the most important lawn feeding of the year.

You don’t need to wait until spring to start the IFA 4-Step Plus Lawn Program. Now’s a great time to get started.

The IFA Step 4 Fall & Winter Fertilizer helps prepare lawns for winter and early spring with much-needed nutrients. Locally formulated, it gives lawns strong roots and store energy, encouraging a healthy spring turf and an early green up. Each fertilizer pellet is coated with IFA exclusive Omnicote for an even nutrient distribution.

 IFA Step 4 Fall & Winter Fertilizer helps provide a dark green color and it’s easy to apply. Simply fill a spreader, apply to a dry (non-wet) lawn at the proper settings, and water thoroughly soon after application. As the key “plus” for the IFA 4-Step Plus program, also consider applying IFA Bountiful Earth Humate to grow an even healthier lawn.

IFA Bountiful Earth Humate helps promote thatch decomposition, allowing water and Step 4 fertilizer to more readily reach the root zone. It is a natural material that helps stimulate soil microbial life, helping to release vital nutrients that would otherwise be inaccessible to grass.

While summer is winding down, the warm soil and cool air in fall is perfect for planting grass seed or extending the gardening season with a second harvest of vegetables. IFA also provides everything to successfully grow and get the most of gardening in the fall.

Visit a local IFA Country Store and talk to a lawn and garden expert to help grow healthy turf and great fall garden crops … and preserve them too.

For more information and store locations, visit IFACountryStores.com.

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