Holladay residents submit petition, hoping to stop Cottonwood Mall development

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HOLLADAY, Utah (News4Utah) — Some residents in Holladay have submitted a petition, asking city council members not to add a high density, high rise project to their city.

“It’s time to vote Holladay on the Cottonwood development,” said Brett Stohlton, an organizer for Unite for Holladay, a group that collected signatures in hopes of stopping the development.

In May, city council approved a mixed-use city center at the Old Cottonwood Mall, prompting Stohlton and other community members to take action.

The mixed-use city center includes the Ivory Woodbury development, which will have:

  • 775 apartments, 210 townhomes and homes — adding up to one of the largest apartment complexes in the county
  • 50-60 people per acre
  • Four 90-foot-high buildings
  • 60,000 square feet of commercial space (down from 600,000 in the 2017 plan)
  • 10% increase in Holladay’s population

Stohlton says the project would drastically change the city, so he helped launch Unite for Holladay to repeal the city ordinance.

“We want to see responsible and careful development,” said Stohlton. “What we really want is to see is a plan to come forward that provides an enduring economic and community benefit now and 50 years from now.”

Stohlton says there are three main concerns with the project, including:

  1. Density: the project may increase the city population by 10%
  2. Taxpayer Dollars: the project requires $22 million in tax increment financing
  3. Project analysis: the community benefit analysis shows a low profit return

“For the past 45 days, more than 100 volunteers have been going out, knocking doors, day and night with this Herculean task of getting 35% of the voter count from the last presidential election from voters here in Holladay,” said Stohlton.

Stohlton says they need 5,874 valid signatures, but even if the county clerk’s office certifies that number, a referendum still might not be possible.

After gathering the required amount of signatures, Holladay voters hope to vote on two questions:

  1. Do the citizens of Holladay aporove of the site master plan to build a high-rise, high-density apartment development approved by the city council?
  2.  Should the city dedicate nearly $22 million in tax increment financing to assist the developer of this project?

Stohlton says it’s now up to the city council members to factor these signatures into their decision and put this option on the November ballot, which is exactly what they’ve worked towards.

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