SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) – The holidays always signify a busy travel season as everyone returns home to spend time with friends, families, and loved ones. The Salt Lake International Airport is expecting this year to be no different with thousands of passengers taking to the skies over the Christmas weekend.

The Salt Lake International Airport is expecting the busiest days of travel to lead up into the weekend, and re-surge on Monday as passengers fly back. Salt Lake’s airport is reportedly the 20th busiest airport in North America and the 47th busiest worldwide.

Airport officials said they are expecting about 60,000 passengers coming through the doors on Thursday, Dec. 22 and Friday, Dec. 23, and another 30,000 on Monday, Dec. 26, with even more throughout the weekend making connecting flights.

To get ahead of the influx of travellers, the Salt Lake International Airport shared a few reminders to help ensure a smooth traveling experience:

  • Check-In for your flight ahead of time through the airlines’ apps or website before leaving for the airport.
  • Arrive two hours ahead of boarding time for domestic flights and three hours ahead for international flights.
  • Reserve a parking spot in advance through the Salt Lake International Airport website.
  • Plan ahead with your carry-on and checked luggage by reviewing was is allowed by TSA and what isn’t. A comprehensive list of what can go on your carry-on can be found on TSA’s website.
  • Check on airlines’ websites and apps to ensure flights are on time and have not been delayed or canceled.
  • For those picking up passengers, utilize the Park and Wait lots to wait for passengers until they are curbside and ready to be picked up.

To help add a holiday atmosphere to the holiday travel experience, the airport has scheduled local musicians to perform in the terminal and concourses on Dec. 24 to welcome passengers. Santa Claus is also said to be scheduled for a fly-in to take any last-minute wishes and spread holiday cheer.