UTAH (ABC4) – Salt Lake City’s Hogle Zoo is welcoming a new and very adorable family member.

After a long 12-month pregnancy, an 87-pound male zebra was delivered by Poppy, a five-year-old Hartmann’s mountain zebra around 3 a.m. on July 23.

The zoo’s cameras were rolling to capture the magical moment.

Within an hour after birth, the baby zebra, known as a “foal,” began standing on its own, nursing and walking around.

At just seven-hours-old, zoo officials say the zebra started little gallops, which are adorably referred to as “zoomies.”

Courtesy of Hogle Zoo

The male foal has not yet been given a name.

Zoo officials say the name will be selected through a public online auction open through Friday, Aug. 5.

“It is so important that we give mom and baby space and time to naturally connect in this start of life. The 24-7 observation of the baby hitting its healthy milestones via cameras has taught us a great deal about these first moments that are rarely captured,” said associate director of Utah’s Hogle Zoo Animal Care Bob Cisneros. “We look forward to sharing our new addition with other children and parents and educating and connecting guests to the importance of preserving zebras in the wild.” 

Want to see this adorable creature in person? Visitors can view Poppy and her new foal at Hogle Zoo’s African Savanna exhibit starting today, Aug. 1.