Hogle Zoo says goodbye to two of their animals

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hogle zoo animals euthanized

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News)- Hogle Zoo is mourning the loss of two of their beloved animals.

Veterinary staff at the zoo euthanized the two elderly residents for health reasons.

Glacier, a gray wolf, was nearly 13 years old and had been at the zoo since 2009.

“He was a very sweet wolf,” said keeper, Janice Thompson. “He had a very calm nature about him. Any time we fed him we’d get stopped by lots of guests with questions – they were always so excited to see him. Glacier was a special wolf and was very loved by all the keepers. We’ll miss him.”

Tukut, a bobcat, would have turned 23 in May. He had been at the zoo since 2002.

“We sort of joke Tukut is a ‘gateway cat,'” said Renner. “He was the first foray into taking care of cats for many keepers. Often cats are aloof and do their own thing but Tukut would always perk up when a keeper walked by. He was happy to see you.”

Zoo officials say their deaths were unrelated.

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