Hogle Zoo polar bear to undergo surgery for broken bone

Local News

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – A beloved polar bear at Utah’s Hogle Zoo will undergo surgery for a broken bone.

Nora, a 3-year-old polar bear, broke her humerus (from shoulder to elbow) on her front right leg Wednesday.

The Zoo said it presumably from her “signature style of roughhouse play.”

“She’s a very rambunctious bear,” said Lead Keeper Kaleigh Jablonski. “It’s not unusual to watch her head-dive into the snow without any hesitation. She just plays rough.”

Keepers said they found Nora on Thursday morning unwilling to move. Eventually, a full physical examination was performed including X-rays, which confirmed Nora had broken her humerus bone, rendering her unable to walk.

A large animal orthopedic team from Texas A&M, a human orthopedic surgeon from the University of Utah Medical Center and a veterinary anesthesiologist from North Carolina State University will be performing Nora’s surgery on February 4.

Specialists believe Nora is a good candidate for surgical repair, so she will be off exhibit for the next several months for additional procedures and follow-up X-rays to see how the break is healing.

Nora arrived at Hogle Zoo in the fall of 2017 to be paired with then 2-year-old polar bear, Hope.

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