DAYBREAK, Utah (ABC4 News) – Eight residents of the Daybreak Community in South Jordan received placards on their doorknobs asking that Black Lives Matter signs in their yards be removed.

Instead of citing a rule violation, the placard had “BLM sign” written as the reason the signs needed to be taken down.

On Wednesday, the Daybreak Community Association apologized — but not before some residents voiced concerns on social media and to ABC4 News.

“Those rules need to be applied equally. And the outrage here is that they’re applying some kind of standard in an inequitable fashion. That you’re not picking on Thin Blue Line flags, or signs, you’re not picking on people with Don’t Tread on Me signs, you’re not picking on people of another political persuasion. You’re focusing on this particular message,” said resident Dan Carlson, who has a sign in his yard and received a placard.

Resident Jack Eddy flies a Black Lives Matter flag on his home.

“I’m a little disappointed that what I feel is a really positive awareness — that I feel like we should all be discussing — would be kind of turned down like that,” said Eddy.

The Daybreak Community Association sent this statement to ABC4:

“Yesterday afternoon, a routine inspection of signage and flag standards was conducted throughout the Daybreak community. During this inspection, eight courtesy notices were left in error at households displaying Black Lives Matter signs. The intent of the inspection was to review lawn signs and displays throughout our community. As soon as we became aware of this mistake, we worked to remove the notices and publicly apologize to our concerned residents.

We are sorry this happened and apologize to anyone who may have been offended by our notices. We are reviewing internal processes with the management team so that will not happen again.

Daybreak is a harmonious and inclusive community that values diversity of race, culture, and religion.  We will continue to communicate directly with our residents and work to resolve any hurt or misunderstanding this has caused.”

-Daybreak Community Association Board of Directors

Nick McGurk
Nick McGurk is an Emmy Award winning journalist and a Utah native — and he couldn’t be happier to be covering news, and raising a family, in his home state.