‘Hit me like a ton of bricks’: Utah County Sheriff’s deputy reacts after apology video goes viral

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SPANISH FORK, Utah (ABC4) – Perhaps you’ve seen a video of Utah County Sheriff’s Deputy Greer Haymond. Over four million people have viewed it since it was posted to Facebook.

Now in an ABC4 exclusive, he explains why a young boy’s simple offer had such a huge emotional impact.

Haymond recorded the two minute and 16 second video Saturday after a young boy approached his patrol vehicle in the drive-through line of the Spanish Fork In-N-Out Burger while the deputy was wrapped up in a work phone call.

“There’s a knock at my window,” Haymond told ABC4’s Rick Aaron. “I roll down my window and here’s this little boy standing there and he’s like ‘Hey, can I buy your meal?’ and I was like ‘No buddy, I’m good. Thanks though’ and away he went.”

Almost immediately, Haymond realized…he blew it.

“I’m wrapping up my phone call, I grab my food, and I’m driving through the line and it hit me like a ton of bricks,” he said. “Like, ‘I just dismissed that little boy’.”

“Young man, I want to apologize to you,” he says in the video. “I didn’t give you the attention that you deserved, one, and two, I want to apologize for denying you an act of kindness.”

Aaron asked Haymond why that brief encounter affected him so much.

“For a little boy to build up the courage to come up and approach a stranger and want to do something nice for me was incredibly touching,” Haymond replied. “Right now with everything that’s going on, that’s what we need is kindness. Regardless of what your political views are, what your views are on law enforcement as a whole, just the world in general, just to be kind to each other. You don’t have to always agree with everybody, but just be kind. I mean that, that’s what we need and that little boy showed that that day.”

It turns out that he’s an 11-year-old named Luke. After seeing the video, his mother reached out to Haymond, who will be joining Luke and his family for dinner this weekend.

“I just want him to know, first and foremost, I wish I could go back and handle the situation different,” he said. “But secondly, I want to thank him for being the kind of man that he is. It takes a lot of courage, and nowadays to be that kind and upfront to people you don’t know, I want to thank him for that.”

Haymond is now getting hundreds of encouraging messages from around the world all day and all night, all because of his reaction to a young man’s offer of a $7.89 Combo Meal.

“The simple act of kindness can just have a massive ripple effect,” Haymomnd said. “That’s what’s so amazing to me. I just hope people take from it that these acts of kindness can just change a lot of stuff for a lot of people.”

Luke’s parents say he doesn’t want media attention or any recognition for this, but he is excited about having dinner with Haymond. No word on who exactly will be picking up that check.

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