UTAH (ABC4) — Utah televisions are being flooded with campaign ads, and a large chunk of them surround Utah’s Senate race between incumbent Republican Sen. Mike Lee and Independent Evan McMullin.

According to the non-profit OpenSecrets.org, a lot of money is going into this race: over $15 million between the two candidates has been raised. That is a new record for the state. Lee spent the last six years raising money nearly $9.5 million. However, in just one year, McMullin isn’t far behind, raising nearly $6 million.

A lot of big names outside of Utah are paying attention. In addition to Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger backing McMullin, actor Mark Hamill said McMullin is “The Force” for change. Lee has received support from Republican Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers and former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. 

The Senate majority could hinge on just a few senators. If McMullin won, it would be a historic moment for Utah, considering the state hasn’t had a non-republican in the U.S. Senate since the 1970s. 

Outside spending is one of the most impressive pieces of this race. In the last 20 years, the most money spent by outside groups was roughly $850,000. In this race, it’s nearly $15 million.