OGDEN, Utah (ABC4 News) – When it comes to legality status, immigrants in the state could feel hesitant to get health care, or go to law enforcement in fear of deportation, especially in a time of a crisis or a pandemic. ABC4’s Jordan Verdadeiro takes the pulse of the Hispanic community in Ogden,  speaking about their concerns.

Mi Puebla is a Mexican family-owned restaurant in Ogden. It’s usually a hub where members of the Hispanic community gather during lunchtime. The owners say since the outbreak of COVID-19, they haven’t seen as much traffic as they used to and that’s because their customers are staying home.

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Owners of Mi Puebla say it’s easier for Hispanics in the community to stay home during this pandemic.

“I think they are a little fearful with this situation that’s happening,” said owner of Mi Puebla, Jose Negreiros.

There are fears in the community of deportation.

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“People who don’t want to go to the doctor because of their legal situation,” said Jose.

The Hispanic community also worries about having to pay for medical insurance, according to Celina Negreiros. But there’s one clinic in Ogden that has been affordable for the community.  

“There’s a clinic, its called Midtown and I know a lot of my customers, they go over there cuz’ you know, they help a lot,” said Celina.


The Negreiros says the community remains strong in these difficult times. Her family is part of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints which she says has helped tremendously since business has been so tough.

“We know they don’t have a job, we know they don’t have money to support their families, but they come and support us and we are very thankful for them because seeing the business like that, like really empty no customers here, we just feel like it’s hurting a lot of people,” said Celina.

Jose Negreiros says immigrants can go get tested for COVID-19 despite their legal status.

The owners of Mi Puebla encourage their Hispanic friends to get out there and get tested if they feel like they have symptoms of COVID-19 and to not let their fears get in the way.