HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah (ABC4 News) – Northern Utah is home to Hill Air Force Base where people from all over the country live and work every day.

There has been speculation of possible COVID-19 cases on base, but the public affairs officer confirmed to ABC4.com that there are no confirmed cases as of Friday afternoon.

Hill Air Force Base is home and work for more than 24,000 people according to the chief of public affairs. Employees on base say they aren’t worried about COVID-19 making its way to Hill.

“The virus is spreading from the coasts, so being centrally located definitely helps,” said Peter Brzezicki, HAFB Employee.

Employees say the base has been taking proactive steps for weeks. They’ve also been getting emails from the Pentagon like this.

“We’re not advised to work from home, yet nothing of this sort. But I’m certain that if the situation worsens that will probably be the direction,” Brzezicki.

But he has noticed changes in the past couple of days.

“I’ve noticed today for the first time, they were always taking the cards in hand and checking and I noticed today he did not take it,” Brzezicki.

And travel has been cut for some staff to only business-critical areas.

“There was a new measure announced yesterday to all of the visitors in the lab they have to fill out a questionnaire and so on,” said Brzezicki.

The chief of public affairs provided ABC4.com the following statement:

“Hill AFB leadership is continually monitoring the situation.  We are working closely with the Utah Department of Health on information about the current status of the coronavirus in the State of Utah.  We are keeping our base employees informed with the most current information about the disease and preventive measures as it comes from the Department of Defense and the Center for Disease Control.  The current emphasis is planning, prevention and education.”

Brzezicki says he’s happy about how Hill is informing its people of the measures and progress it’s taking during this state of emergency. Some employees say they’re worried about how teleworking is going to be handled since these are unchartered waters.