HILDALE, Utah (ABC4) – There’s a high wind warning in effect for South Central Utah expected to last until early Tuesday morning.

Bryce Griffiths and Ryan Bunting are hiking to Zion National Park. They’ve been doing this for 40 days with two days left to go on their route, but are stopping in Hildale for the night with the high wind warning in effect.

“It’s not the first time we’ve been caught in high winds like this, it more is annoying than anything else,” says Griffiths.

They’ve hiked through extreme weather before but say it’s not something they want to get caught in when visibility is low due to high winds.

“We try to find a rock wall to hold up against or a lot of the times when you’re in the canyons there’s cuts in the rock and at least it blocks some of it and you just try to break up the wind with whatever you have available,” says Bunting.

They say tonight, they’re not taking any chances after having some bad experiences in the past.

“I’ve lost some gear, I had a tent I was about to stake down and it flew off the cliffside,” says Griffiths.

With holes in their clothing and dirt covering their bodies, these hikers say using the wind storm as a break from extreme weather sounds like a good plan to them.

The National Weather Service is advising people to secure loose objects that could blow away or be damaged by the wind. Power outages are also possible.