High school senior turns 18 just in time for election

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With all of the lawn signs out and about, it’s not difficult to recognize that it’s election time in Utah. For many high school seniors, this election is exciting, because it’s the first time many are able to cast ballots and participate in the democratic process. Boston Iacobazzi, a senior at Hillcrest High turns 18 on November 1st, just days before the general election. Iacobazzi joined Emily Clark to talk about the important issue of voting.

Iacobazzi says it’s important for the seniors who are of age to vote, because they are next to go into the workforce. He says they will benefit from policies being made right now. Iacobazzi plans to study the issues coming that will be on the ballot in November.

The local election is just one way high school seniors can get involved in current issues. The other way to cast a vote is for the future of some Canyons District high schools. One school in the proposal is Hillcrest High. The school could be rebuilt or renovated if voters approve a bond proposal within the District. Leaks, a recent bat infestation, cracks in walls, and holes in floors are just some of the reasons the school is pleading for change.

If you want to weigh in and cast your vote, visit bond.canyonsdistrict.org.

To register and vote in the upcoming local election, go to vote.utah.gov/vote. You have until October 31, 2017 to register if you want to vote in person. 

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