(ABC4) — With wintry weather on the horizon, it’s important to be familiar with Utah’s Traction Law, especially if planning to travel on roadways that may be restricted due to icy conditions.

According to the Utah Department Transportation’s website, UDOT can restrict the use of certain roadways between October 1 and April 30 or at any point when it is deemed necessary to keep drivers safe.

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The exception is for vehicles that are properly outfitted, but what that looks like is different for different types of vehicles. The following information comes from the Unified Police Departments’ website.

At the very least, all-wheel and four-wheel-drive vehicles must have two mounted 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake tires. Two-wheel drive vehicles must have four mounted 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake to do so.

Traction devices such as steel-link chains, snow socks, and tire studs are also acceptable for all-wheel drive vehicles, four-wheel-drive vehicles, and two-wheel-drive vehicles. Radial tires must be equipped with traction devices.

Commercial vehicles, on the other hand, must have chains on at least four of the drive tires before driving on restricted roadways. This does not apply to buses.

Tires in general should be in good condition, with rubber around its entire surface and at least one inch of rubber from the edge of the wheel.

Keep an eye on road signs, social media, and the UDOT Traffic app and website for when restrictions are in place.