SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Tomorrow is the first day people can start lighting fireworks for pioneer day but before you start celebrating, firefighters are urging fire safety. 

According to the Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands, we’ve had 578 wildfires this year, 329 of them being human-caused.  

To avoid fires due to improper fireworks safety Murray firefighters showed us how to properly use them and dispose of them. 

Firefighters say they respond to fires basically all night Pioneer Day weekend, so before lighting fireworks you’ll need water handy — either a bucket of water like this one or some type of hose of gallon to make sure fireworks are completely out before throwing them away. 

Lighting fireworks this weekend? There’s a few things to know.

“Utah’s a tinderbox,” Kayli Yardley, prevention and communications coordinator for the Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands said. 

Firefighters said Utah’s high temperatures and winds create the perfect conditions for fires.  

Especially during holiday weekends with fireworks. 

“We pretty much from about 8 o’clock till the early hours of the morning don’t stop running from fire to fire,” Steve Roberson, deputy fire marshall with Murray Fire Department said. 

The majority of fires we see are human caused 

“70% of all wildland fires in utah are preventable,” State Fire Management Officer for BLM Utah Chris Delaney said. 

And they can cost thousands, even millions of dollars of damage that you can be liable for. 

This past Fourth of July. Firefighters said fireworks cost one family an estimate of $50,000 

“The owner’s fire was playing with fireworks finished and then threw them in a garbage can and it absolutely started the garbage can on fire which was next to the house and then spread into the garage,” Roberson said. 

So how to avoid it? Murray firefighters showed us how. 

After you light your fireworks either dunk them in a bucket of water or douse them with water. And before you throw them away, make sure they are completely out, and your trash can is far away from your home. 

That way you can try and prevent a fun celebration from becoming a disastrous fire, all because of a simple mistake. 

“We’ve seen towns burnt to the ground that have been human cause and could’ve been prevented,” Roberson said. 

And though firefighters are ready to respond, they need your help. 

“Everybody’s gonna be on call right now let’s do our part and help them have an enjoyable holiday weekend,” Yardley said. 

Firefighters are asking you to choose to go to a firework show this year instead. The 4 Be’s firefighters want you to remember? Be prepared, be responsible, be safe and be aware.