SOUTH JORDAN, Utah (ABC4) – In case you haven’t heard – and judging by the long lines it’s unlikely – Raising Cane’s opened its first Utah location earlier this summer.

A second location, in Provo, opened to customers on Tuesday.

The first spot, located in South Jordan, has already been a hit with residents craving Cane’s signature chicken fingers, Texas toast, and crinkle-cut fries. One video on TikTok shows a line of cars hoping to go through the drive-thru that seemingly extends forever.

Chris Vines, who works as the Utah Area Leader for Raising Cane’s, tells ABC4 the restaurant chain has gone to extraordinary measures to make the rush as painless as possible. While she agrees that the drive-thru line can be quite long, the best way to grab a basket of chicken fingers is to park the car and come inside the building.

“We’ve hired security, and they’ve really helped because we don’t want to be an inconvenience to the neighborhood or the other local businesses. We’ve added another week of that just to make sure that we’re doing our part to make sure everyone’s good with each other and trying to come to the restaurants a lot faster. I think a lot of people get discouraged when they see the drive-thru line, but to come in it’s much quicker,” she explains.

Speaking to ABC4 at roughly 11:15 on a Wednesday morning, Vines remarked there was no line inside the restaurant and an order could be fulfilled in about five minutes. She added the lunch rush usually results in a 15-20 minute wait for customers.

While Cane’s does have a mobile order feature on its app and website, Vines recommends folks do not order in that method, unless they are confident in their ability to correctly maneuver on a mobile device. If the location is not enabled or if the proper time slot is not selected, issues in getting the food read could quickly arise, although the customer has already paid for their food.

In short, Vines says the best way to get a taste of Cane’s is to go around the drive-thru line – there’s a separate entrance with guidance from the security team – park the car, and come inside.

While the Cane’s national office, located in Baton Rouge, is thrilled with the response Utahns have given to its newest location, Vines says it was somewhat expected. What they were not expecting, however, was the demand for one particular menu item.

“That’s one thing that’s probably unique to Utah, I can’t like confirm it by any means, but I would be very surprised if we haven’t sold more lemonade as a company this week here than at other restaurants,” Vines says. “We’re going through 25 cases of lemons a day.”

The other popular drink on the menu, sweet tea, hasn’t sold nearly as well, but that was to be expected thanks to Utah’s population of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that do not drink tea.

So far, Vines says the future of Raising Cane’s in Utah looks bright, which makes sense since photographs of dogs wearing sunglasses adorn the inside of the building. Additional locations are in the works, and the company plans on hiring hundreds of additional employees in the coming months. Cane’s kicked off its Utah footprint with a festive celebration at the South Jordan location and she adds more of the same can be expected in future Utah restaurants.

“We did a lot of big openings before COVID and then when COVID happened we’ve continued to open, but at those openings, we haven’t done any of the festivities like the ribbon cuttings, this is the first one since COVID hit,” Vines explains to ABC4 in June. “So that’s been exciting to the company. We’re also excited because we have Provo opening in August and we have one in West Valley opening in October. We’re really excited to have people so excited for Cane’s.”