Here’s how science, data collection can help analyze your dreams

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PROVO, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – Have you ever wondered if your dreams have meaning behind them? 

According to a professor at Brigham Young University, what your subconscious conjures up while you are sleeping can tell you a lot about yourself — that is, if you know how to interpret it. 

Right now, James Gaskin, Ph.D. and his partner are using using data-driven techniques to find deeper meaning in dreams.  They are currently building a database full of interpretations.

“What we wanted to do… is [we’re] trying to find a way to make something messy and qualitative into something very organized and analyzable, empirically and quantitatively,” he said.  

Gaskin says while not every dream is rooted deep in meaning, they often offer insight into your worries, emotions, and sometimes even your future.

“One theory is that we dream in order to flush out our emotions…” he said.  “Other theories [are that] you’re trying to solve problems that you couldn’t solve consciously,” he explained.  

Watch the news clip above to see how his new Udreamed app for analyzing dreams works.  You can also click here to see Gaskin’s YouTube channel explaining common recurring dreams and interpretations, or download the app on the App Store and Google Play.

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