SALT LAKE COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) — The heavy precipitation seen today, including snow squalls, has made a significant impact across the state of Utah. With the snow adding to this season’s already impressive totals, many Utahns are left wondering — where is the snow hitting the hardest?

According to the National Weather Service, some cities experienced several inches of snow in a very short period of time this morning. Here are the Utah cities that witnessed the most snow, starting at 3 a.m.

The Northern Wasatch Front had considerable snowfall this morning, with the Bountiful Bench getting 6.4 inches as of 9 a.m.

Out in the northeastern end of the state, cities like Eden saw as much as 6.2 inches in just a few hours, and Heber City with 6 inches as of 8 a.m.

A little further down south, Sundance Mountain was hit with 5 inches of snow, while Provo Canyon wound up getting a total of 4 inches in the morning snowstorms.

In the Salt Lake Valley, the city of Sandy had 4.5 inches of snow during the morning, with Cottonwood Heights and Herriman both getting up to 3 inches as of 9 a.m.

Up further north, Logan also saw 4.5 inches during today’s storms, with nearby Clarkston experiencing 4 inches themselves.

As snow continues to fall throughout the day, these totals could become even more impressive in cities all around the state.