Heartwarming photo shared of officer on anniversary of active shooter at son’s school

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CENTERVILLE, Utah (ABC4 News) – A heartwarming photo is being shared on social media of an officer who responded to an active shooter at his son’s school two years ago. 

In a post on the Centerville Police Department Facebook Page, the photo was shared with a sentiment to the officer for the difficult task the officer had in responding to his son’s school during the incident.

“This picture was taken two years ago today. The Centerville officer in the picture responded to a Junior High School in Bountiful where his son went to school on a report of an active shooter. Another student at the school had brought a gun to school. That student’s father realized something was wrong and quickly went to the school, found his son and tackled him just as the son fired off the first shot. You can imagine what this officer was feeling as he was responding to the very school his son attended on an active shooter call. We are so glad no one was hurt that’s day.” 

ABC4 interviewed Officer Dave Boucher and his son after the incident that happened on Dec 1, 2016 at Mueller Park Junior High. 

Boucher says it was his “worst nightmare” responding to an active shooter at his son’s school and when he got the call that his son’s school had an active shooter — he tried to reach his son Garrett.

“I tried to call him,” said Boucher. “He didn’t answer, now I’m freaking out.” 

But Boucher had a job to do. When he arrived to the school, he went inside the school and helped other officers secure the hallway.

Police said a student brought two guns to school that morning and fired a shotgun round into the ceiling of a science class but the shooter’s parents had come to the school, on a hunch something was terribly wrong and stopped their son before anyone got hurt. 

At the time, Garrett was on the other end of the school and didn’t know what had happened. Finally, he texted his dad.

“I was like oh my gosh, thank you so much for answering,” said Boucher.

Once the school was secure, Boucher found his son’s classroom–and he wrapped his son in his arms.

“It was amazing, like the day he was born,” said Boucher. “Seriously, it felt that good, and I started crying, it was pretty amazing.”

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