OGDEN, Utah (ABC4 News) – It’s been an emotional day for law enforcement and for the family of the fallen officer, Nate Lyday.

Officer Nate Lyday’s grandmother, Deanna Hatch, says she wants everyone to know who her grandson was and where he was headed in life.

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“Dear God, no… Was my first reaction…,” said DeAnna. DeAnna says Officer Nate Lyday’s passing is a shock to the family.

“Your mind can’t comprehend it really, it just hurts, all the way through and down to your toes…” she added.

DeAnna says Officer Lyday’s life was just beginning. He and his wife were planning to buy their first home together and start a family of their own.

“This Saturday coming up, the 6th of June, would have been their fifth wedding anniversary, and I think that’s when they are going to have the funeral,” she added.

But his family says they are proud of his act of heroism. He comes from a family of first responders. He joined the force after he went to Ogden High School and graduated from Weber State University.

DeAnna says he’s been a hero since day one.

“Nathan was, he was my hero, he’s been a hero all of his life,” she added.

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“My first thought after it happened, was I saw him with his grandpa who died a few years back and I just saw him with his grandpa and they were both smiling so that put me at ease, but I’m more worried about his wife Ashley and his mother,” said Nathan’s uncle, Tory Mesmer.

Tory says it’s important to also keep the other families involved, in mind.  

“There’s another family here that’s hurting, there’s some little kids who lost their dad, and a wife who’s lost her husband as well, and we can be angry and all that but we don’t know what was going on with him, obviously something terrible, so for the community to have compassion upon them is very appropriate, and we just like to state to that family that our heart cries out to them and we wish them the best,” he added.

The family says they are extremely grateful to see the community support and all the people that have come out to celebrate officer Lyday’s life.

Jordan Verdadeiro
She is a multilingual multimedia journalist. Fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and English. Jordan was born and raised in New Jersey and comes from a Chilean and Portuguese background and hopes to tap into the diverse communities that range in northern Utah.