Haynie family funeral: Father and son speak of faith, community support and keeping memories alive as they move forward

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GRANTSVILLE, Utah (ABC4 News) – Hundreds of people gathered at the funeral services for four members of the Haynie family who were fatally shot last Friday.

During the service at the Granstville Latter-day Saint Stake Center, family and friends recount cherished memories they’ve made with Consuelo Alejandra, 52; Alexis, 15; Mathew, 14; and Milan, 12.

Speaking to the congregation attending the funeral, the father, Colin Haynie, said he’s grateful for the outpouring of support. And while it’s a difficult time, he’s finding happiness in the positive memories.

“This felt like a hard thing for my family, but as the support of the community has reached out to comfort us, it has become very clear it’s more than just a family matter – it’s a community matter.”

He continued to say, “As I was leaving the hospital, I drove past the junior high where Mathew and Milan attended,” Colin said. “It triggered feelings within me. Then I decided it’s a choice…choosing to remember the good things.”

The oldest son, Danny Haynie, also spoke at funeral services for his mother and three siblings – telling stories and sharing memories he’s made with each one.

Talking about his siblings, Danny expressed his love for his brother, CJ Haynie, who allegedly killed his family.

“Part of me feels like I lost CJ,” Danny said. “But he’s still here and he’ll always be my little brother.”

Attending Friday’s funeral services, Alexis and Abby Brown said they went to school with Mathew and Milan Haynie.

“Milan was in my history class and she kinda tutored me with helping me when I missed days,” Alexis Brown said. “She always had a smile on her face and was always making us laugh and helped with reviews and stuff. She was just a great friend.”

“I knew Mathew. He was in my Spanish class and I sat by him for a while and he would help me a lot with it,” Abby Brown said.

In the wake of Friday’s tragedy, Alexis and Abby Brown said students and faculty at their junior high are remembering the Haynies.

“The student council put roses on their lockers, and we have this wall and we’ve taped hearts with memories and their names on them on the walls and on the lockers,” Alexis Brown said.

“I gave Milan a couple of notes and stuff,” Abby Brown said.

The Brown sisters said the Haynie siblings were always there to help others and said school will not be the same without them. And they said they will remember them for their contagious laughter and kindness.

A new year’s goal the family set was to more actively be involved in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints new youth program. Colin said as his time was cut short of those goals, he is choosing to work on his personal goals.

“I know my children and wife are watching and rooting for me. That they want me to be successful as much as I wanted them to be successful,” Colin said.

Colin and Danny re-iterated many times their gratitude for the love and support of their community, the memories they cherish with their family and their faith in eternal families.

“God lives. I know that we will be reunited as a family together again,” Danny said.

“Tragic nature might cause some to think, ‘Why does God allow such tragic things?’” Colin said. “But this does not change my faith. I know God lives…We’re here to learn from our experiences to become as God is.”

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