Have politics become too extreme in Utah?

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – This week on the Inside Utah Politics Panel, Charles Stormont, Utah Democratic National Committeeman, and Derek Miller, CEO, World Trade Center Utah, debated some of the big stories of the week.

Among the topics discussed — a new political party in the state called the Utah United Party — billing themselves as a centrist party in Utah. Chief Political Correspondent Glen Mills opened the discussion by asking the two if a party like this can hold viable power in the state.

“It’s an incredibly difficult task to start a new party, to do all the fundraising, to pull all the people together it would take to succeed — never mind building brand identification within the state. Utah is unique in its geographic size and it’s also unique in its relative smallness in terms of population. So there is potentially an opportunity but they’re going to have to work very very hard to have a shot of success any time in the near future, I think,” replied Stormont.

“You know what it’s indicative of is a frustration, a growing frustration with both political parties,. Not just because there’s polarization on the political spectrum but also take into consideration millennials who really aren’t joining either political party — this might be an attempt to capture that as well. But, I agree with Charles, it’s not just going to take an organization, it”s going to take money. I will start paying attention if they can actually get some big donors and some fundraisers behind,” added Miller.

Other topics discussed during the panel:

  • Have the two major parties in Utah gone too far to the extreme to where they’re leaving moderate Utahns out and feeling like they don’t belong anymore?
  • Do the two major parties need to change their message to reach more moderate members?
  • Will the new GOP chair be successful in bringing former republicans back to the party?
  • Previewing the State Democratic Convention.
  • President Donald Trump’s first trip overseas.

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