SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – According to the latest data released by the FBI, over 7,550 single-bias hate crime incidents were reported throughout the United States in 2020. Over one-third of those reports were anti-Black or African American hate crimes.

The FBI’s 2020 Hate Crime Statistics show the 7,554 single-bias incidents involved 10,528 victims. Nearly 62% of those victims were targeted because of their race, ethnicity, or ancestry while 20.5% were victimized because of their sexual orientation. There were 205 multiple-bias hate crime incidents involving 333 victims.

Over half of the 7,426 hate crime offenses classified as crimes against persons were for intimidation. The FBI reports 22 murders and 19 rapes were reported as hate crimes. Of the known offenders for the hate crimes reported in the U.S. in 2020, the FBI says 55.2% were white while 20.2% were Black.

The FBI’s Hate Crime Statistics show Utah saw 44 total hate crimes reported in 2020, double the 22 reported in 2019 but the same as 2018 and far less than the 67 reported in 2016. Of the hate crimes reported last year, 18 were regarding race, ethnicity, or ancestry while 11 were over religion. Seven were about gender identity while five were regarding sexual orientation.

A breakdown of the 44 hate crimes reported in Utah in 2020. (FBI Hate Crime Statistics, 2020)

Here is a further breakdown of the hate crimes reported in Utah in 2020.

  • Anti-white: 9
  • Anti-gender non-conforming: 6
  • Anti-Black or African American: 4
  • Anti-Sikh: 4
  • Anti-gay: 3
  • Anti-Hispanic or Latino: 3
  • Anti-multiple races or group: 2
  • Multiple bias: 2
  • Anti-Buddhist: 1
  • Anti-Eastern Orthodox (Russian, Greek, or Other): 1
  • Anti-Jewish: 1
  • Anti-lesbian: 1
  • Anti-lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (Mixed Group): 1
  • Anti-Mormon: 1
  • Anti-other Christian: 1
  • Anti-other race/ethnicity/ancestry: 1
  • Anti-other religion: 1
  • Anti-physical disability: 1
  • Anti-Protestant: 1
  • Anti-transgender: 1

Of the 53 hate crime offenses classified as crimes against people, 14 were considered simple assault while 13 were destruction, damage, or vandalism of property. Six were considered intimidation and four were declared fondling. Eleven hate crimes reported in Utah last year were in a home and nine were on a highway, alley, street, or sidewalk. One occurred within a religious building, one at a construction site, and another at a park or playground.

The FBI reports 19 of the 45 offenders reported in Utah were white and 18 remain unknown. The majority of the victims – 38 of 53 – were individuals while seven were businesses. To see the full report, click here.