UTAH (ABC4) — It’s the start of the holiday weekend. Halloween is right around the corner and law enforcement is advising how to celebrate safely. 

It’s that time of year when we see pumpkins, costumes, candy and an uptick of dangerous driving. 

“We definitely see an increase in the number of DUIs and impaired drivers on the roads,” Utah Highway Patrol (UHP) corporal Geoffrey Parker said.  

The UHP said last year 10 people died in eight fatal crashes over Halloween weekend, with six people dying in crashes on Halloween alone. They said all of those Halloween crashes were related to alcohol and drugs, so UHP is taking extra precautions. 

“We’re gonna have a DUI blitz in Salt Lake County and all across the Wasatch front and throughout the whole state,” Parker said. 

They said this year we’re on track to surpass last year’s auto-pedestrian deaths. And on Halloween, with dark costumes and heavy pedestrian traffic, the risk is higher. So, some parents opted out of the late night tradition. 

“Crowds at night, not being able to control the environment you’re in is a little scary, but I think during the day it feels a lot safer,” Stephanie Chaon shared. 

For Chaon, she planned on taking her kids out during the day and only on the weekend for safety, as well as taking some extra precautions. 

“Having two parents or just more adults around and keeping an eye on the environment that we’re in, the neighborhoods that we’re in, just so it feels a lot safer,” Chaon said. 

Salt Lake City Police and other agencies hosted their annual Halloween Fun Fest as a separate option for parents. 

They said parents should be vigilent Halloween night if anything doesn’t feel right, and police will station in neighborhoods to keep people safe. 

“Go with friends that you know, go in neighborhoods that you know make sure that you look for traffic, cross the streets in the crosswalks but most importantly have a good time,” Salt Lake City Police Chief Mike Brown said.