TOOELE, Utah (ABC4) — Many businesses are closed, busy cleaning their shops after the torrential rainfall in Tooele County Sunday night.

One business had more than three inches of standing water in it. 

The culprit for the local gym, the Anytime Fitness, wasn’t just the two inches of rainfall in about an hour, but there was pipe in the back of the gym that burst with water, spewing the buildup of water all over the floor.

Shay McQuisto, the owner, says he sees it as blessing in disguise. 

“Gut-wrenching to be honest, and confusion, like really not knowing what direction do I start with with something like this,” said McQuiston.

McQuiston first heard about the flooding after a member sent him a video of the burst pipe around 6 Saturday evening.

He now has to deal with the aftermath of buying new carpets, new equipment, new ceiling; almost everything is going to have to be replaced.

“Something like this happens to people and they get real down and disapointed and discouraged,” said McQuiston.

McQuiston said corporate told him he was due for an upgrade, so he’s keeping a positive attitude.

“My life experience has been things don’t happen to you, they happen for you, so I feel really optimistic about this,” said McQuiston.

McQuiston said his biggest issue is going to be with the landlord.

He said new landlords took over recently and hopes they can pull through for him, his business, and gym members.

Almost three inches of rainwater made its way into the gym — so now more than 20 fans are being used to evaporate the water.

The gym has had minor floods before, but this marks the worst it has ever been.

“I am going to make the best of the situation and hopefully I can provide a better gym for my customers than they had before this all happened,” said McQuiston.

Several other businesses flooded, but because of the slope of the parking lot, a majority of the rainwater came through McQuiston’s pipe and the front door. 

Next up for McQusition is to get an estimate on how much the damages will cost and a phone call to the insurance company.