MOUNTAIN GREEN, Utah (ABC4) – One driver received a terrifying shock after gusty Utah winds completely obliterated their travel trailer in Mountain Green on Sunday.

The Mountain Green Fire Protection District says the incident happened when a strong gust of wind caught the trailer in its flurry, causing it to shake before flipping it over several times and smashing the trailer to bits.

Authorities say the SUV towing the trailer spun around and was nearly flipped by the crash, but fortunately landed upright on its wheels.

The passengers were “shaken up, but ok,” officials say. No injuries were reported and authorities say it was fortunate no one was riding inside the RV trailer at the time.

Firefighters say no other hazmat issues were identified. Some propane tanks had sustained some scratches, but remained generally undamaged.

“A very good example of why you SHOULD NOT ride in a travel trailer,” officials say. “Fortunately no one was riding back there, and the driver and passenger in the SUV were wearing their seatbelts.”