Gun owners rally for second amendment rights at the State Capitol building

Local News

Salt Lake City (News4Utah)- Happening today, more than a hundred gun owners, many open carrying their firearms – Rallied for 2nd Amendment rights today at the Utah State Capitol.

A group called Students for Liberty organized today’s rally on the capitol steps. Attendees listened to speakers emphasize the importance of gun freedom and discuss the March for Our Lives Movement spearheaded by students who survived a school shooting in Parkland, Florida. One man at today’s event told us that those young people and many Americans need to be educated about responsible firearm ownership and usage. 
 “To most people, what I’m wearing on my back right here that’s an assault weapon right? It’s big black and scary. This is a bolt action rifle. It’s a 30 caliber.” David Wilkinson, Guns Right Supporter said,

“OK? It’s one of the most common hunting rounds there is but because a rifle looks a specific way it generates fear. Why is that? Because the accessories on it? It doesn’t change anything. I’m a long range shooter. I love shooting long range. It’s one of my favorite things to do but as soon as you start banning weapons, it doesn’t work.”

Students for Liberty also held rallies today in Orem and Cedar City. 

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