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SANDY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) Hurricane Irma devastation to the US Virgin Islands inspired two Utah charities to team up by gathering donations in Sandy Thursday.

The women behind the drive say they’re just paying it forward. 

“Every second of my time, I just bugged people all day, begged for their time,” Haley Bermingham said, who started the Christmas Jar charity.

“We need get the food, get the water, get the cleaning supplies, you know, the stuff that will sustain life until they can get other aid in there,” Jodi Frkovich said, who volunteers for Children of the Earth, Inc.

The donations come from across the Salt Lake Valley, after Bermingham sent out a SOS on Facebook. 

Bermingham help when her then 1-year-old son, Treycen, spent a month in the hospital fighting a serious staff infection. Through Children and the Earth, Frkovich stepped up.

“We were about to lose everything and she was there to help us paying our bills, our house, our cars so we didn’t lose it,” Bermingham said, while holding back tears.

Now Bermingham and Frkovich partnered to help hurricane families, hundreds of thousand of people left with nothing. Together, they call themselves Hurricane Helpers.

“I wish I could take it myself. But we can’t so we will get it to the ports and hope we can get it there fast enough,” Frkovich said.

“All of this is going to go to Florida and then there is an organization that I’ve been talking with that has access to ships and planes that will get it to the Virgin Islands,” Bermingham said.

“We can organize it, we can do it, but really, it’s all the people who just give and give and give and sometimes I feel like they give until they can’t give anymore and they give more,” Frkovich said.

This semi cannot leave unless it is packed full, if you’d like to donate Thursday night, go to 252 W Cottage Ave. In Sandy.

This is the fourth semi-load headed for hurricane relief compiled by Hurricane Helpers, but the first headed to the Caribbean. 

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