SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – The Granite School District was forced to abruptly end a school board meeting Tuesday evening after it was disrupted by anti-mask protestors.

The district announced the end of the meeting on Twitter.

The board meeting was livestreamed on the district’s YouTube channel. The full video of the board meeting can be found below:

Around the 40 minute mark of the video, those who are against the school district’s mask mandate became agitated, and chants of “no more masks!” filled the room.

Protesters then approached the front of the room where board members were sat, abruptly ending the meeting.

­Granite School District spokesman Ben Horsley says the board meeting was going through it’s regular process until the meeting reached it’s public comment section.

Once the public comment section of the meeting ended, Horsley says some people in the meeting were “not satisfied” with their opportunity to address the board.

“They started shouting down the board and it became apparent we were not going to be able to proceed,” Horsley tells ABC4 News.

“I think it’s important to understand that we live in a democracy, we have the right to free speech and the board respects people’s abilities to vocalize those things,” Horsley says. “However, I believe at some point, a line was crossed.”

One of the people who attended the meeting to protest the district’s mask policy was Mike Taylor.

Taylor says the main problem with forcing students to wear masks is that masks are “representative of submission.”

Taylor tells ABC4 that he and others who are against the district’s mask mandate have allegedly heard numerous reports of children becoming sick, developing acne, vomiting, and migraine headaches after being forced to wear masks at school.

Horsley says the district’s mask policy was not on the board meeting’s agenda for Tuesday evening.

Utah Governor Spencer Cox has gone on record saying that masks will not be required in Utah schools next school year.

Tonight’s protest comes with less than two weeks left in the school year for Granite School District.