SOUTH SALT LAKE, Utah (ABC4) – The grandson involved in a double stabbing on Monday has been booked into the Salt Lake County Jail after allegedly stabbing his grandmother and himself.

According to the South Salt Lake Police Department, the grandson and grandmother lived with each other, sharing a Covewood Village Apartment. The grandmother, 70, reportedly told police that she was in her bedroom when her grandson opened the bedroom door and “just stared at her.” 

The grandmother reportedly closed the door, but her grandson came back with a butcher knife. As she tried to leave the bedroom, her grandson blocked the bedroom door and prevented her from leaving.

“She said that he called her a demon and pushed her on the bed. [The grandson] then put his left arm around her neck and applied pressure, restricting her breathing,” a police booking affidavit said. 

The woman’s grandson reportedly placed the butcher knife to her throat and yelled he was “going to do it.” According to police, he then stabbed her in the neck before getting up and going to the front room where he stabbed himself several times. When the grandmother realized he was laying on the floor, she opened the front door where she met responding officers.

The two were transported to separate local hospitals. The grandson was discharged from the hospital on Thursday, Sept. 29 and booked into Salt Lake County Jail. He faces a second degree felony charge of intentional aggravated abuse of a vulnerable adult, a second degree felony charge of aggravated assault produces loss of consciousness, and a Class B misdemeanor of unlawful detention.

Police say the grandson has made previous threats to his grandmother and would be likely to show up at her residence and assault her again. 

After the incident, Danielle Croyle, Executive Director at the South Salt Lake Police Department told ABC4 police are classifying it as a “domestic violence aggravated assault” since the two live in the same house. She also said it’s important for the community to know there are resources available and there’s no excuse for abuse. 

Resources for domestic violence can be found online at the Utah Department of Human Services website and the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition website.