Grandmother attacked, father critically injured in Salt Lake City home invasion

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A 65-year-old grandmother has a message for the masked intruder that invaded her home, attacking her and critically injuring her son-in-law.

“You’re a coward. How can you even think of shooting someone with their two little boys right there?”

There are still signs of what happened early Sunday morning inside “Kim’s” Salt Lake City home.

It’s located in the area of 600 North and 1400 West.

Kim, who only wants to go by her first name, owns the home where she lives upstairs.

Her son-in-law, daughter and their two sons live downstairs.

“I’d just got home and sat on my bed when I heard a gunshot,” said Kim.

Kim had just returned from a Mother’s Day trip with some friends. 

That was around midnight.

“I came running from this room, around the kitchen. When I got right here, there was a guy standing right here. In this area right here.”

Kim didn’t want to show her face to ABC 4’s camera, but during our interview from her outside doorstep she pointed to the inside of her home.

It was an area near one of the home’s back doors which opened up to the kitchen and the top of the basement staircase.

That’s where the grandmother confronted an intruder wearing a red and white clown mask. 

“I was already in defense mode, I lunged at him. I don’t know why he didn’t shoot me.”

Kim says he threw her down the basement staircase.

It’s where her son-in-law laid in a pool of blood while his two young sons begged the shooter not to hurt their father.

“His two young boys, that are five and six were right there with their dad screaming ‘please, don’t shoot my dad again!'”

Kim says the attacker was covered from head to toe, and that he was asking for one thing.

“He kept asking my son-in-law for his money. ‘Give me your money.’ He kept telling him, ‘I don’t have any money.'”

Kim also says the intruder wasn’t alone.

“Some of the neighbors say they may have seen somebody running down the street. A couple of guys and getting into a Jeep Cherokee.”

Kim says police told her the SUV is white.

Kim also says she has lived at this location for about four years, and hasn’t experienced much crime. 

“Never anything like this. A bike stolen here or there.”

As a result of the stolen bikes, Kim says she does have a surveillance camera.

She’s turned that video footage over to police.

As detectives continue to investigate, Kim is recovering from a bruised spleen and broken ribs.

Her son-in-law is in critical condition in the hospital after being shot in the shoulder.

As far as a suspect description, Kim says she couldn’t see much since the man was completely covered, but that he was “stocky” and about 5’7″.

“If anybody out there knows who did this. They’re going to do it again to another family.” 

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