Grand Theft Santa: Thief caught on camera stealing inflatable decoration in Sandy

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SANDY (ABC4 News) – Call it a Ho Ho Heist or a Fa La La La Larceny. Early Tuesday morning a man snatched an inflatable Santa Claus out of a Sandy front yard and it was all caught on a doorbell camera.

The video provided to ABC4 News shows a dark colored extended cab pickup truck drive by at 4:54 am and again at 4:58, this time with its headlights off. 

Then at 5:03 a man gets out and kidnaps Kris Kringle, throwing the inflatable decoration in the bed of the truck and hopping in before it speeds off. Homeowner Andrew Adams saw the video after he woke up.

“It’s kind of funny to watch a grown adult drag a Santa across a front yard,” Adams said. “I’d love to know what he’s going to do with it. I’m not sure if he has a yard full of inflatable Christmas decorations or what but it just seems kind of petty.”

Adams says his son Grayson loved the $130 Santa helicopter which they only had for a week.

“My 3 year old picked it out and he’s very devastated,” Adams said. “It might be something easy to steal but it might be something that a 3 year old picked out who was really excited that Santa was in their front yard and had to wake up to it not being there anymore.”

Andrew hasn’t reported the crime to police so ABC4’s Rick Aaron took this case to a higher authority: the Santa Claus himself.

“So Santa what do you think about a guy who steals Christmas decorations?” Aaron asked.

“Well he’s either very dedicated or he’s very much at fault,” Claus replied. “I think he’s probably on the naughty list. That’s what I’m thinking.”

“What are you going to bring him on December 24th?” Aaron asked.

“Well if he’s the guy I think he is I may bring him a lump of coal again,” Claus said. 

As for Adams he will be headed back to the store Tuesday night because Grayson has demanded that he replace his helicopter Santa.

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