SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Russia and Ukraine together supply about a third of the world’s wheat and barley.

The two countries are also big suppliers of buckwheat, a product Andrew Makian the General Manager of European Tastees in Millcreek said is such a staple food for customers from Eastern European countries.

He refers to it as “The rice of eastern Europe.” But Makian says the price of that buckwheat has gone up 30% in the last four days. 

“[The customers] come here weekly and depend on our products so we try to keep a low price point as well,” said Makian.

Businesses like Roha Brewing Project in Salt Lake City that get most of their grain domestically say it isn’t seeing as much of an impact on product prices quite yet, but anticipate rising prices in the next few weeks to months.

“At least in the wheat and barley. Aluminum, we also think is going to take a hit as well. We do a lot of outside sales with cans, so we’re expecting that as well,” said Cas Prestwich, the Taproom Manager of Roha Brewing Project.

Prestwich said the company is taking it day by day while focusing on fundraising efforts for Ukraine. Its next project is brewing a special brew in the next few weeks, with all proceeds of the beer going to help Ukrainians.

“[Helping] through charity in any way we can, sending support, spreading the word obviously, everyone needs to know what’s going on,” said Prestwich.