STANSBURY PARK, Utah (News4Utah)   Tooele School District’s Rose Spring Elementary is touted as the safest school in the state. 

On Wednesday, Governor Gary Herbert learned what school administration is doing right, after a major security upgrade over the summer. 
Governor Herbert went straight to the source to learn how safe students feel in school – the lunchroom cafeteria. 

Students tell News4Utah they worry about an active shooter situation.

“It’s kind of scary and I hope it doesn’t come to our school,” 6th Grader Rachel MacPherson said. 

“I think that’s messed up,” 6th Grader Jeff Hays said. 

If an active shooter does come, district administration believes they won’t get far. 

The district finished installed 15 steel curtains just days before classes started. One steel partition spans 30 feet across outside windows.

“We’ve got to be prepared for all kinds of scenarios and keep students safe,” Tooele School District Superintendent Scott Rogers said.

The steel partitions aren’t bulletproof but will isolate an active shooter in one area of the school, protecting students.

The school also has 24 new cameras with a video doorbell at the locked front entrance.

“We are trying to be proactive. Every parent has the right to expect that when their children go to school, they go to a safe environment,” Gov. Herbert said. 

School safety isn’t just about security. The governor and two state representatives discussed mental health resources with district counselors – learning what’s working and where the state falls short. 

“We certainly don’t want it to happen here if it does we want to be prepared for it,” Gov. Herbert said. 

The steel partitions cost around $15,000 but were offered pro-bono, along with installation from Wondoor, Hunt Electricians and Big-D Construction.