DAYBREAK, Utah (ABC4) – An unlikely encounter arose between Daybreak residents and a goose over the last month.

One couple, John and Narelle Canaan tell ABC4 they were nearly held “hostage” in their home as a Canadian goose decided to take on his role as a “protector” as he chased anyone who came near a duck who was nesting her eggs in the couple’s backyard.

“Gangsta the Goose” would fly right up to attack anyone who came near the backyard — forcing the couple to get creative.

They figured out Gangsta was not too fond of umbrellas.

“In the beginning, we had to use big beach umbrellas (we looked like crazy people coming out of the door), and then as weeks went by we were able to downsize to a regular umbrella,” the couple said.

Even HOA officials in Daybreak took off running and screaming when they came to assess the situation.

The couple says they were concerned about children and others being attacked so they made a sign to alert neighbors.

Courtesy: John and Narelle Canaan

When week five of the terrorizing came around, the ducklings were finally hatched.

“We missed Gangsta not greeting us at the front door the past two days and we put the umbrellas away,” said the couple.