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What is unique about Turn-About Ranch? 
Turn-About Ranch is a residential treatment program for teens 13-17 years old.We combine a wilderness and residential treatment model that allows students to earn semesters worth of academic credit.

Our Motto is: Real Ranch Real Values Real Change-We are located on a real working cattle ranch near Bryce Canyon National Park. It is a beautiful setting. Students learn the value of hard work, responsibility, respect and honesty. 

We’ve been in business for 25 years helping teens and their families heal. We have a proven program with an excellent safety record. We stand behind what we do with a guarantee virtually unheard of in adolescent treatment.

What would you most want parents who are considering this step to know?
Parents with a struggling teen are typically struggling themselves. It’s exhausting, worrying and fighting, not knowing what to do. I want parents to know that there is hope. I watch teens change every day. You are not alone! Let go of the guilt- you will need that energy to help get your son or daughter back!
What types of Issues do you work with? We work with a variety of issues teens struggle with- some of the most common are; depression, anxiety, low school performance, ADHD, oppositional behaviors & substance use

What makes Turn-About Ranch students successful?
It really is a combination of the ranch itself, combined with quality therapists, caring staff and a strong parent component.

Why are you here today? 
We are dedicated to helping families all over the US and want to help more Utah residents. So if you’re from Utah and enroll your student before the end of September, we are willing to give you 50% off of our $3000.00 enrollment fee. 

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