SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – Local artist Stephen Kesler created a massive iguana sculpture to celebrate 50 years of the Cardenas Family restaurants in Salt Lake City.

The art piece was commissioned by The Red Iguana Restaurants. The hand-sculpted and painted reptile is 12 feet 6 inches tall and 30 feet long. It was given the name Xochitonal in honor of The Giant Iguana Guardian of the Entrance to The Under World in Aztec mythology.

“Red Iguana has long been a destination restaurant. With this sculpture, we want to make a traveler’s experience of Red Iguana and our neighborhood on The West Side of Salt Lake City a truly memorable experience,” said Bill Coker, owner with his wife Lucy Cardenas.

Kesler has also made creations for The Living Planet Aquarium and Utah’s Hogle Zoo.