Getting humanitarian aid to Venezuela

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The United States and several European countries are now joining the cause to end a humanitarian crisis in Venezuela.

A group of European ambassadors met with the self-declared interim president Juan Guaidó on Tuesday to declare their support to his government and to pledge the delivery of humanitarian aid.

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has been blocking truckloads of desperately needed food and medicine at the border. Now, all eyes are on February 23rd, when a large civilian volunteer force is planning to retrieve the humanitarian aid from Colombia and Brazil, and bring it back into Venezuela.

Leaders from the United States, along with countries like Germany, France and the United Kingdom, have publicly called for Maduro to step down and restore democracy in the troubled country.

To explain further, Jeff Burnett from Utah Valley University joined us on Good Morning Utah on Wednesday. He’s a national security studies program instructor with professional experience with Latin America.

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