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ANASAZI STATE PARK, Utah (News4Utah) – The Good4Utah Road traveled down to south central Utah for a stop at Anasazi State Park Museum. 

Archeological ruins that date back to about 1160 make Anasazi State Park a glimpse back at ancient civilizations. Many of the artifacts found in the area are housed in the park museum.

“I never expected to see this many artifacts and collections from people’s own personal collections and the age of these items is really spectacular,” said Debbie Steadman, New Hampshire resident.

Anasazi State Park is a museum nestled into the beauty of Boulder, Utah.

“I think it’s’ really neat. I know Highway 12 and this part of the state is pretty much the #1 place in Utah,” said Ashely Combs, museum employee and lifelong resident.

Combs is accurate. His great grandfather discovered the Combs site which is the name of the excavated pueblo visitors get to see up close.

Archeologist Don Montoya says this museum is Utah’s best kept secret.

“People have to opportunity to see what was here and to have a vicarious experience by going out to the site and seeing that actual archeological site,” said Montoya.

A journey through the past where the smallest artifacts represented ancient culture in a big way. The park has been showcasing the skilled building techniques of ancestral Puebloans since 1970.

Montoya considers the artifacts part of a scared place. From the tools crafted to the decorated ceramics recovered throughout the region. Montoya believes there’s a special draw to Boulder and there always has been.

“There’s just an attraction for the area that people feel and they know that there’s something here and it’s that same feeling, it’s that same draw that’s existed for thousands of years,” said Montoya.

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