German immigrant living in Taylorsville celebrates 100th birthday

Local News

TAYLORSVILLE (News4Utah) – Tonight, it was a celebration a century in the making.

Polka music filled the room at Gerda Hubrich’s 100th birthday party. Gerda, who family members call “Oma” which is German for “Grandma”, was born in Germany in 1918 right after the end of World War One. 

After World War Two, the Russians occupied their area and in 1952, Gerda and her husband decided to sneak their family out of Germany to seek a better life in the United States. Her sown Wynn says her husband almost made it to 100 himself.

“My dad made it to 99 and three quarters. He wanted to make a hundred but he didn’t make it but my mother beat him,” Wynn Hubrich told News4Utah. “I asked her the other day, ‘Hey, did you know you’re older than Dad now?’ and she says ‘Yes, I showed him.'”

Gerda still lives at home and has four living children, 16 grandchildren and dozens of great grandchildren for a total of 89 family members.

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